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Where to start

MethodBox can be used to find surveys, create data extracts from the variables you are interested in within these surveys and linking these data extracts to the methods you use to analyse them. You do not have to be a registered user to use MethodBox. The surveys inside MethodBox are a mixture of open and closed data, it is up to whoever added them as to whether you can see them.

The surveys, data extracts and methods tabs

To view the available surveys click on the Data Sources tab. To see the Data Extracts you are allowed to view click on the Data Extracts tab . To view the Methods you are allowed to view click on the Methods and Scripts tab.

Part of MethodBox home page showing what tabs to click for surveys, data extracts and methods

You can also search for Surveys, Data Extracts and Methods by selecting them from the drop down box, entering a search term and clicking the 'Go' button. Shown in the diagram below.

The search bar from the MethodBox header area

Registering and logging in

Although you can search for data and download what other users have given you permission to do without being a registered user, by [registering] you get access to more data and more features. You may have to be approved by an administrator before you can login.

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