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Data Extracts are created from the variables in your cart. When one has been created you can download the variable subsets to use on your local computer. To help yourself and other users find the data extract give them a meaningful title and a description. You can link them with other things inside MethodBox. Click on on or more of the methods etc that are listed and click on add selected to move them into the box on the right (ie the things they will be linked to). You can remove something by selecting it and clicking on remove selected. You can also add or remove everything. You control who your data extract can be shared with. You can keep it private, share with registered users, share with groups or share with the world. If your data extract is based on the work of another use you can give them credit by adding it in the list of attributions. Once you are happy with the data extract, click on the create button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email when the data extract has been created.

Creating a data extract


You can find data extracts by entering a term in the search box in the header bar and selecting Data Extracts from the drop down box. You can view all Data Extracts by clicking on the Data Extracts tab. This lists your own Data Extracts and all Data Extracts in separate tabs. You can also see your own Data Extracts from your profile page.


The variable subsets can be downloaded in CSV, SPSS or Stata formats. You get a zip file which contains one variable file for each dataset. You also get a text file containing the metadata for the variables. If the Data Extract contains variables from a Nesstar server then these can be downloaded by clicking on the Download datasets from Nesstar button. This will then contact the Nesstar server and ask it to download them for you - MethodBox has no control over this process. If you only want the files for SPSS or Stata that can input the variables into these tools, eg. if you already have the datasets then clicking on the Download SPSS files or Download Stata files button will retrieve this for you.

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